Valentina Kalinichenko is a multi-disciplinary creative, visual communicator, graphic designer photographer. She partners with brands and creatives to develop and carry out projects that push culture forward. Uses principles of design thinking in any case of her work to develop deep connections  in product-client relationships. Her superpower is generating ideas and eye-catchy visual communications.

Random facts: yoga geek, speaks five languages, collects eyeglasses and vintage postcards.

For freelance/collaboration enquiries, or random coffee &small talk please reach out via email.

Education: SWPS, School of Ideas: design thinking, Creative coding, Academy of Photography, Skvot, Projector.

Work scope: visual concepting, visual identity, illustrations, branding, logo design, poster design, photography, print, packaging, web design, art direction.


Projects Votchenikova ❷ Okazia  Lull❹ Visioner 
❺ Fatboy Utopian Society Random 
Photography Documentary  Everything else